Sanjay Bhoomkar

After working in the liquor industry for over 30 years and gaining vast experience in every facet of the industry including setting up plants to making the products, he decided to put on the entrepreneurs shoes and provide solutions for this industry. His experience along with an acute sense of the market and its needs combined with the passion to provide the best quality products is what makes him stand out. Starting small in 2005, it was his yearning to excel and surpass the expectations of the customers that has kept him going over the years. Being a master blender himself with several renowned products in his kitty, he is the captain of our ship and the reason for the success of SLB over the years.

Nikhil Bhoomkar

Young, passionate and hardworking who is currently heading a liquor consultancy and flavour company. With his international exposure, he wants to explore the ever growing F&B sector of India and the world where he believes the youth is slowly but surely transforming in their choices especially in the liquor segment. He has been dealing with a lot of countries in Africa and South East Asia, giving solutions in the liquor industry that have become big successes in their market segment. He foresees tremendous amount of growth in this industry, and wants to be a part of it by combining his learnings and innovation and blending it all in a bottle.